Girton Town Charity


Girton Town Charity, is registered with the Charity Commission and exists to help Girton residents, both as individuals and collectively through Village societies and activities.

There are seven Trustees: five are appointed for four-year terms by Girton Parish Council and two for five-year terms by the Trustees themselves. Please contact a Trustee or the GTC Office if you are interested in becoming a Trustee.

The Trustees meet approximately once a month. Reports on activities are given at meetings of the Parish Council and the Annual Report and Accounts are presented at the Annual Parish Meeting, which is usually held in April or May.

In recent years Girton Parish News has printed a resume of the Annual Report to ensure everyone has access to the information. The Annual Report and Accounts are also published on the Charity Commission website later in the year.

Current Trustees are:

Ann Bonnett, Chair

Marc Bermann

Colin Carr

Dan Buck

Robin Hiley

Andrew Muston

Patsy Smith