Girton Town Charity

Project: Passing Through and Settling

From May to October 2014, GTC funded a Community Project entitled Passing Through and Settling which comprised many different activities to involve individuals and groups.

It was designed as a lead-in to the opening of GTC's Community Building in Wellbrook Way, encouraging all ages to participate and create a stronger community network.

The project was led by Artist-in-Residence Holly Rumble who co-ordinated different activities over the six-month period.

Highlights achieved included:

  • A Launch Weekend with a Plant Sale organised by the Girton Garden Society, dedicated to self-seeding plants – species that gently settle into your garden following the introduction of a single plant, such as hollyhocks, poppies and love-in-the-mist.
  • An opportunity to listen to the Dawn Chorus as a group, led by Girton Resident and Associate Lecturer in Science Education, James de Winter and Holly Rumble who recorded some of the morning's dawn chorus and then discussed the results with participants over coffee.
  • A 'One Minute Bird Watching' event, led by Holly Rumble which took place at ten different locations within the Village and was attended by over 40 people. This inclusive event opened participants' eyes to their surroundings, encouraged meeting new Village residents and sharing the experience of doing something together. Each session was recorded for later use on the Passing Through And Settling website.
  • The making of a Girton Quilt by the WI, incorporating the birds spotted during One Minute Bird Watching, as well as bees. Twenty one members were involved, with a total of 23 different birds included: from barn owls to blue tits and greenfinches to green woodpeckers. The quilt is now on display in the William Collyn Community Centre.
  • A Bird Drawing Challenge was held as part of the Family Fun day with participants asked to choose from a list of about 130 birds that have ever been spotted in Girton. The collection of 62 drawings which resulted was exhibited in October.