Girton Town Charity

Passing Through and Settling

In 2014, GTC funded a Community Project entitled Passing Through and Settling which comprised many different activities to involve individuals and groups.

It was designed as a lead-in to the opening of the William Collyn Community Centre in Wellbrook Way, encouraging all ages to participate and create a stronger community network.

The project was led by Artist-in-Residence Holly Rumble who co-ordinated different activities over the six-month period. These included a Launch Weekend with Plant Sale organised by the Girton Garden Society, an opportunity to listen to the Dawn Chorus as a group, a 'One Minute Bird Watching' event at ten different Village locations, the making of a Girton Quilt by the WI and a Bird Drawing Challenge held as part of the Family Fun day resulting in  a collection of 62 drawings exhibited to the public.

As a long-term benefit for the Village, six benches have been provided. These incorporate the Passing Through and Settling logo and are sited throughout the Village. They were a particularly welcome addition during Covid lockdown when residents were able to walk, sit and chat at a social distance.