Girton Town Charity

Suffolk Terrace, High Street

The three cottages comprising Suffolk Terrace are named Pond, Parsley and Searle after the original Trustees of the WI. The name Suffolk Terrace also commemorates a special piece of Girton history. The original First World War building was initially located in Cherry Hinton for the 11th Suffolk Battalion before being purchased at a Ministry of Munitions sale by the WI and moved to Girton by horse and cart in 1920. The cottages are accessed directly from the High Street and include adjacent car parking, with one space per house and a private garden with its own amenity area incorporating recycling refuse bin storage. The two end of terrace dwellings are three bedroom units and the central unit has two bedrooms.


The development is two storey and domestic in scale with the height and size in keeping with the other residential properties surrounding the site. Great care has been taken to ensure the materials used are complementary to the existing character and colour palette of the area, with the exteriors featuring red brick and render with Tuscan clay tiles.

The location of the houses is within the footprint of the existing WI Hall. In addition the layout of the dwellings and gardens maintains the privacy of the neighbouring properties.

architect's plan for the houses

The houses are built with high levels of insulation and energy efficient heating systems and controls to exceed the current minimum Building Regulations performance requirements. Solar hot water and heat recovery ventilation systems are also proposed to maximise energy efficiency.