Girton Town Charity


Dovehouse Court

15 Jun 2021

Girton Town Charity currently has thirteen almshouses to help meet the need for affordable housing in our Village – but more are urgently required.

As a result, at GTC we have developed a strategy to increase provision and build new homes with 100% funding from the Charity, without relying on support from the taxpayer.

Together with our advisers Northmores and Turnberry, and our Architects Mole, plans have been produced for a development of 15 new homes and an office for GTC on the Michael's Close/High Street site.

The new project replaces six bungalows in Michael’s Close, in addition to the current GTC office, which were all built in the 1930s and 1960s and no longer provide adequate accommodation, in terms of comfort, energy-efficiency and quality of facilities.

Dovehouse Court was chosen as the name for the new development, folloiwng ex-GTC Trustee Ray Gordon sharing two historical documents. The first, from 1926, referred to the area of land including the footpath between High Street and Church Lane as Dove House Close. The second document from 1950's showed the footpath as Dovecot Close.  Trustees felt it was important to incroporate this part of our local history within the new Development. A Dovehouse Court identity has been created which will be used on communications, signage and eventually incorporated into the development.

GTC is inviting Girton residents to get in touch if they or members of their family think they would benefit from living in almshouse accommodation.

Contact GTC here.