Girton Town Charity

Almshouse opportunity helped us save

In 2021, Florence and Callum moved into Searle Cottage, one of three new GTC almshouses in Suffolk Terrace, after completing a successful application. Both work at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and saving a deposit for a new home of their own was their end goal and two years on, they saw their plan come to fruition. 

Callum says: “The house was newly built, spacious and tastefully finished to a high standard. We were really impressed and felt very lucky to be given such an opportunity, not only to save for our own home but also plan our future together. With the house designed for maximum energy-efficiency, it was very warm, which also helped cut down on utility bills.

“It suited us perfectly living close to work and family in the Village and as almshouse appointees, we paid a maintenance contribution, not rent which enabled us to save more each month.

“With enough for a deposit, we found a home we liked in a village just slightly further outside Cambridge.

“We would definitely recommend that other Village residents consider applying when almshouse vacancies arise as the process is very straightforward. Florence and I would like to say a huge thank you to GTC for appointing us.”