Girton Town Charity

Schemes and Grants

Please note: During COVID-19 restrictions many of our schemes have been reduced or paused for the time being. Contact the GTC office if you need further advice or information 01223 276008.


GTC offers a range of Schemes and Grants to help both individuals and groups. Here's a list of what is currently on offer.

Grants to individuals

Helping residents deal with challenges that can be faced through illness and disability, as well as assisting them to develop their lives is one of GTC's major aims. Grants can be made to adapt homes for health reasons, improve personal mobility and safety and broaden opportunities for children and individuals.


One of the principal ways Girton Town Charity fulfils its remit to relieve the needs of Village residents is through housing provision. It currently has 13 almshouses, with more in the pipeline, which are intended for Girton families, either to help them save and move onto their own housing or for active retirees who can live independently.

Accommodation is allocated following a thorough vetting process during which each individual applicant is assessed in terms of meeting the criteria. To find out more about our Almshouses read the link above.

Educational Grant Scheme

This is open to all individuals leaving secondary education for further or higher education or training, provided the course leads to a formal qualification. The Grant, which can only be claimed against actual expenditure, is a maximum of £300 per year and is intended for books, equipment, tools or other direct costs relevant to the course.

Hospital Taxi Scheme

For Girton residents who have problems using public transport, do not have their own transport or find it difficult to use their own car, the Hospital Taxi Scheme enables them to get to outpatient appointments at Cambridge Biomedical Campus including Addenbrooke's Hospital, the Rosie or Royal Papworth Hospital and the Eye Clinic. From 2021 an annual registration fee of £9 is payable and then taxi fares are capped at £7 for each return trip.

CarePlus Grant Scheme

This is for people in the Village and their carers and is to assist independent living, providing short-term additional care to suit the individual's need over and above any statutory care to which the applicant is entitled. The Grant also aims to help residents return home from hospital as soon as possible, responding quickly at a time of need. Application is by referral, with care worth up to £1,200 per calendar year provided by one of two care professionals nominated by GTC – Availl and Home Instead.

In addition, GTC provides funding grants for:

Cambridge Dial-A-Ride

This entitles residents to low-cost local transport, once they have paid the annual membership fee of £10. Dial-A-Ride offers the chance to travel around the City to attend day centres or community groups, as well as appointments at the doctor, dentist or hairdresser or for shopping, visiting friends or relatives.

Citizens' Advice Bureau

The Girton Outreach Centre is currently closed. Advice is available from the CAB website Use the website email link to leave a message or ring the CAB Adviceline on 0344 848 7979.

Community Warden

Working in partnership with Age UK Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, GTC funds a Community Warden to assist older people living in their own homes to continue an independent lifestyle and to complement the work of statutory services. Contact Fiona (Monday to Friday) on 07967 827843.

Older Residents' Co-ordinator

Working in partnership with Age UK Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, GTC funds an Older Residents' Co-ordinator to support older people within the Village to access existing services and recognise gaps where new clubs and groups could be introduced. Contact Patricia on 07469 660866 (Tuesday and Wednesday).

Girton Glebe School

GTC gives Grants to enable all children to go on residential trips regardless of family circumstance.The After School Activity Clubs receive funding for an Administrator and professionals to run a range of activities which all children resident in Girton can access. 

Macmillan Nurses

Funding is on offer to help provide Macmillan Nurses for terminally-ill residents in their own homes.

Prescription Service

This service enables prescriptions for the housebound to be collected from the dispensary at Pepys Way Surgery and delivered to the homes of residents within the Surgery's catchment area.


The Girton Relate outpost is closed for the forseeable future but relationship counselling services are on offer to help residents address specific difficulties or learn new skills and strategies to tackle particular issues at Relate Cambridge's office.

GTC also funds the Buddy Scheme and Family Counselling delivered by Relate at Girton Glebe School